27 September 2014

Latin America’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant built, combating the decline of monarch butterflies, and mosquitoes to fight dengue in Brazil.


Cellulosic ethanol facility in Austria via Wikipedia


A large second-generation biofuel production facility has been opened by GranBio in Northeastern Brazil. Using biomass from sugarcane waste, the facility can produce 82 million liters of ethanol a year.

Brazil has released into the wild outside Rio de Janeiro 10,000 mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria. The bacteria helps the mosquito fight off the dengue virus. Last year, Brazil saw more than 1 million cases of dengue, according to Mexico’s El Universal newspaper.


Monitoring the population size of monarch butterflies has become a joint effort by Mexico, Canada and the U.S. Scientific American has the story.


Argentina is using drones to find tax evaders by spotting pool and mansions. Authorities found 200 mansions and 100 swimming pools that had not been declared.


Venezuela launched a smartphone app “Intelligent Patrolling” that helps connect users to the nearest police unit.