The Nicaragua Canal Conundrum

by Rohan Chatterjee Earlier last year one of the most iconic civil engineering projects in modern history, the Panama Canal, celebrated its centennial. Observers have lauded the US-built megastructure’s role, now officially under the auspices of the Panamanian State, in transforming the national economy into the region’s most prosperous.  Where Panama once led Nicaragua now … Continue reading The Nicaragua Canal Conundrum

Five impressive scientists we met in 2014

Ezequiel Petrillo in Argentina Ezequiel Petrillo (pictured above) is an Argentine biochemist studying how chloroplasts behave differently depending on the amount of light exposure. He is trying to understand how a plant self-regulates and adapts to different environmental conditions by employing alternative RNA splicing, a process by which a single gene can give rise to … Continue reading Five impressive scientists we met in 2014